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Simplify Your Payments: How do Merchant Payment Links Work

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With all the challenges and competition businesses are facing nowadays, it is obvious that merchants need to ease the friction in the critical payment process for their customers. Businesses invest most of their energy trying to lead their customers to the point of payment, thus, accepting payments should be the most straightforward and easiest step in this process.

This is where Payment links come along as an invaluable option!

What are Payment Links?

A Payment Link is a payment method that allows merchants to generate and share a link with their customers where they can make a secure and direct online payment. The "Payment Request" link directs customers to a payment landing page displaying the required amount, merchant information, and payment options such as credit card and Apple Pay. This payment link can be sent to customers through email, text message, WhatsApp or any other means of communication, and anyone with a valid Visa or MasterCard

How do Payment Links work?

The process is very simple for both merchants and customers; Merchants need to enter the relevant data such as amount, customer phone/email and order details (invoice number, etc) then send it through the communication platform chosen. The link is then sent to the customer and once the customer receives the link they are redirected into a page where they fill their Debit/Credit information or choose to pay through other options and finalize that purchase.

In short, Payment links are the best way to lead the customer to pay in a quick and simple manner without the need to an online store or e-commerce website.

Learn more about The PayLink, a recently launched payment link app for merchants by PointCheckout on or contact us directly onor +971554712722.

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