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Issue a Trade License in Dubai in 5 minutes

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In recent years, Dubai has grown to be one of the most supportive cities for Startups as it presents a growth environment for those who aspire to thrive their business. For that, Dubai Economy has worked on developing the process of issuing trade licenses to make it simple and efficient, requiring no longer than 5 minutes.

Below, we gathered all the details you need to know if you wish to obtain a trade license and start your business legally in Dubai.

Who can benefit from this service?

  1. Self-employed photographers, directors, engineers, lawyers, consultants and others.

  2. Wholesale merchants or partial dealers

  3. Digital content managers who wish to work legally and protect their financial as well as intellectual rights. Members within this category can also obtain a license through the "DED Trader" platform powered by the Dubai government, knowing that this platform is intended for Emirati and GCC citizens if they reside in Dubai.

  4. Anyone wishing to establish a company except for public and private stock corporations.

Why should you issue a trade license?

  • To do business legally and ensure your financial rights with merchants and companies
  • Enforce the dealers’ confidence in your business. 
  • Benefit from banking offers designated for business owners.
  • Display your products at the consumer market.
  • Add electronic payment methods on your website
  • Benefit from trending electronic payment gateways such as The Paylink which does not require a website 
  • Issue a trade license without an office rental contract for the first year only.
  • Issue a trade license without having the certificate of incorporation available, for the first year only.
  • Issue a  trade license without reserving a trade name. In this case, an automatic trade name is assigned.

Terms and conditions for issuing a trade license in Dubai

  • Must register at “MyID”, the single sign-in program for smart government.

  • Non-Emirati residents should provide a copy of the residence permit and a no-objection letter issued by the sponsor

  • Once the fees are paid, the license will be issued, and the certificate of incorporation becomes required upon renewal or when doing any other application on the website during the first year.

Fees for issuing a commercial license in Dubai

For this license, only one payment order is issued, and it includes the initial approval, trade name reservation and license issuance fees. The usual fees for issuing the license are AED 1070 in addition to the fixed market fees of 3000 AED. These payments are made through the smart government payment service, and Afaq or Noqodi electronic payment services.

How to issue a trade license in Dubai

  1. Visit the Dubai Economy’s website for issuing a trade license

  2. Log in using the digital ID or create an account on the website.

  3. Fill out the form that is displayed, which contains:

    • The type of license desired,

    • a Legal form (Sole Proprietorship, Sole Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Company or Civil Business)

    • Choose an activity or work.

    • Fill in the phone number and e-mail.

    • Attach a copy of the Emirates ID or residence permit for the non-Emirati resident.

Once the required documents have been uploaded and saved, an approval request is sent to Dubai Economy to issue an initial approval

  1. Pay the required fees and then save the order

  2. You will be notified when the trade license is issued where you can print it through the website

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