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How to accept online payment without a website

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The need for digital payments has become much more pressing with the increased concern regarding the transmittance of viruses through banknotes, even prompting the World Health Organization to warn against using cash.

Countries have started putting limits on cash circulations, as South Koreas had started quarantining and burning cash to reduce the spread of the virus through the paper money. This is the perfect time to move towards cashless transactions, however, many merchants work offline and don’t have an online presence or are prepared to sell online. Some important limitations:

  • Physical payment terminals have an ordering backlog and are expensive to get for merchants

  • Not all terminals are postable, and even if they are, some need to stay for walk-in customers

  • Many merchants don’t have a quick way to set a full e-commerce site online, let alone being able to effectively market it.

Still, the need to at least accept online payments is pressing with the lack of cash and the increase of curfew restrictions preventing people from staying home from getting additional money to pay for deliveries.

To tackle this, PointCheckout launched The Paylink, a service to enable shop owners such as groceries (supermarkets), pharmacies, bakeries or any other category to accept online payment through issuing links shared with messages, without the need for any online presence.

PayLink is an easy service to use:

  • Shop owner receives the order through phone or directly

  • Cashier enters the amount and any reference they need, and issues a secure payment link to share with the customer through SMS, WhatsApp or email

  • Customer opens the link and pays using the preferred method (credit or debit card). No app or any additional installation required by customers

  • Merchant gets instantly notified and ships the item

Shop owners can activate their account within 24 hours after submitting their documents online and start accepting payments instantly. Other forms of payment such as wallets, Apply Pay and others will also be available in April 2020. Visit 

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